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The Golden Thirties

Mountain Crisis Services rang in “The Golden Thirties” on June 20, 2020. 

What was “The Golden Thirties”? It was a celebration of our 30th anniversary of serving domestic violence and sexual assault victims within and outside of Mariposa County. Typically our fundraisers are in-person, however because of the pandemic, this event went VIRTUAL.

We felt that it was appropriate to celebrate our anniversary and honor our sponsors on the same date it was originally planned. Please check out the event video, a poem written by Clay River, and all of our awesome items we had, along with how much we made.

It was a “Golden Time”!!

“This is our native truth that very rarely is acknowledged. Rape was used as a tool of genocide against native people. Many nations have a history site of where their women and children jumped to their deaths to avoid what would occur after being caught by the military. Militias and calvery were paid to rape and kill native people that didn’t follow the rules of assimilation and colonization of this country. Sadly this never ended. Every generation of living native people have a story of rape and sexual assault survivance as rape has continued to used as a tool oppression and forced removal from land.

Today there are thousands of native women whose living families have reported them missing or murdered. Native people are the most under reported, we do not report because we do not trust the systems that historically were built to erase us. For native youth surviving racism, violence and sexual assault is often times one of the first lessons. We ask our allies to educate yourself on current native survivance and the movement for missing and murdered indigenous women and listen to the survivor’s stories, they tell the truth of our history.”- Clay M. River member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, Mi’Kmaq First Nation.

Missed our event? Check it out below:

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