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Project Respect

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Project Respect is a community and school-based program that works with students, teachers, parents, and community members to promote respect, tolerance, and social responsibility.

Project Respect helps to create a safe community environment of mutual support, kindness, and respect by 1) teaching children social and emotional skills; 2) supporting teachers, parents, and other adults; and 3) engaging community members to be part of the solution.  Bullying is not just a school problem- the whole community must be engaged to promote peace and end bullying.


  • Skills and Support for Children: Elementary and Middle school students learn about and practice respectful relationships and how to safely intervene in bullying situations.  Project Respect uses the nationally recognized bullying prevention curriculum Steps to Respect and Second Step.  We are also using “Let’s Get Real” in select middle school classrooms.
  • Training and Support for Adults: Teachers, school staff, and parents receive the support they need to respond sensitively and consistently to bullying.  Project Respect also works with administrators to strengthen practices, policies, and resolutions that support a safe school environment.
  • Community Engagement: A public awareness campaign “Bullying…It’s Just Not Cool” features posters, banners, bumper stickers, newspaper ads, and more to encourage everyone to take action to prevent bullying.  Project Respect also works with a range of community partners to promote peace.

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