Message regarding COVID-19

As of March 19, 2020
In order to do our part in protecting vulnerable populations and to slow the transmission of COVID-19, many programs of the Alliance will be limiting in-person contact during the crisis. This has not been an easy decision, but we want to ensure everyone that services will still be provided to anyone that needs them.

Mountain Crisis Services will be limiting in person services for survivors at our office. Some in-person appointments will be necessary and will be scheduled by staff. Our hotline will be operational 24/7, our domestic violence shelter is still operating, and all counseling will be done via telephone or through video-based services. Legal Advocacy will still be available and advocates will still accompany survivors to court.

The Alliance provides services to some of the most vulnerable people in our community and we will continue throughout this crisis. We are working diligently to ensure our staff are supported during this time so that we can continue to offer these vital services. We look forward to when our services can resume without restrictions and we will continue to make changes as things evolve. Feel free to reach out to any of our programs to learn how to access services or how you can be a support during this time.

34 Things You Should Tell Yourself

34 Things You Should Tell Yourself

1. I am lovable

2. I am a good person

3. I deserve to be

4. I am responsible for my own happiness

5. I profoundly and deeply accept myself

6. I have realistic expectations of myself

7. My opinion of me is more important than others’ opinion of me

8. What I want for myself is more important than what others want from me

9. I don’t need other people’s approval

10. I believe the world is a good place and I have a place in it

11. My feelings are just feelings, neither good or bad

12. I don’t compare myself to others

13. I am proud of me

14. I ask for help because I am worth someone else’s time

15. I acknowledge my good qualities; not to do so would be to cheat myself

16. I accept challenges as a way to grow

17. I cannot satisfy all of my needs, but I am responsible to see them satisfied

18. I am accommodating and still retain myself respect

19. I am still lovable even if I have been rejected by others

20. I am where I need to be for right now; I am enough for today

21. I say what I feel; what I have to say is important to me

22. I am capable of defining my own limits and setting my own priorities

23. I have the right to ask for what I need and want

24. I will rebuild my life on the foundation of my positive traits

25. I trust my decisions

26. I am human; I make mistakes

27. I have a right to be wrong

28. To dream of what I wish I was is to waste what I am

29. I deserve it; why settle for less?

30. I have a right to be treated with respect

31. It’s okay to change my mind

32. The only person who can reject me is me

33. How I think or feel is not what I am

34. I look for my stars not my scars