Mission, Vision, Values


Mountain Crisis Services and our associated programs seek to prevent domestic and sexual violence by advocating for positive changes in the societal systems that may lead to oppression, fostering a better understanding of domestic and sexual violence through community education, and providing culturally relevant direct services that empower victims of abuse and their children.


Mountain Crisis Services vision is that every community in which we serve can take pride in having safe homes and safe relationships.

We are committed to provide help and hope to all who have been deprived of these basic human rights and we are dedicated to work collaboratively to build strong, positive, nonviolent communities.


CONFIDENTIALITY AND SAFETY: It is vital that confidentiality and personal safety be respected at all times. We, therefore, honor the privacy of MCS’s clients, staff and volunteers. We claim an atmosphere of emotional, verbal, and physical non-violence in our workplace and in our programs.

EQUALITY AND RESPECT: All individuals have inherent worth and are, therefore, valued equally, regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, class, age, country of origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion or ability. It is essential to honor our differences, as well as our similarities. Respect is reflected in the way we treat our clients, ourselves, and members of the community. We value the ideas, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others, whether or not we agree with them.

EMPOWERMENT: We believe empowerment begins with recognizing and knowing that individually and collectively MCS’s clients, staff and volunteers have the strength to make necessary change and to accomplish our goals.

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: We hold ourselves and others accountable for decisions and behaviors within both the agency and the community. We recognize that we make decisions that affect others and ourselves and do so with as much information as possible. Our commitment to cooperation and open communication is demonstrated in the way we approach our work.

SOCIAL CHANGE THROUGH EDUCATION & ADVOCACY: We envision a society of non-violence in which every individual is valued and we advocate for positive changes in the societal systems that may lead to oppression. Our work will not be done until every person in our community is treated equally, until each individual is respected, and the dignity of every person is recognized. To this end, we will educate ourselves and our community to reject violence and oppression in our own lives and in the lives of the people around us.

SUSTAINING OURSELVES AND OUR COMMUNITIES: We believe that individual wellness is essential to the health and success of our organizational mission. It is our goal to cultivate an environment that supports wellness in mind, body and spirit for ourselves, our clients and our communities. We do this by creating space and skills for self-care investing in our communities and supporting environmental sustainability.

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